Firefox Addon Compatibility Changer

This add-on is for older versions of FirefoxWe've all seen it. That annoying error that comes when your favourite addons don't work in the newest installment of firefox. It's very annoying isn't it? In fact a lot of times it's very easy to fix, even though the developers are being lazy, or yourself don't want to mess with the addons.

This web application will make sure that you're able to download any firefox addon you want, no matter your version or whether there's support for it. When new versions of firefox comes out, there's a lot of developers simply too lazy to bother to change their install.rdf file to include the newest version. This web application does exactly that for you, but so conviniently that you have absoloutly nothing to worry about with downloading, extracting, changing etc.

Do please realise that it's very unsure whether or not an addon will work after doing this trick, as Mozilla might have changed how firefox works internally, and the developer will have to develope the tools. I do not own the addons, I do not own Mozilla, the only thing I do is provide a quicker way of changing version in an application. It works using the install.rdf editing to match what your Firefox userstring is. If you use Firefox 3.6, it'll update the file to have "3.6.*" as maching version etc.

How to find the ID of an addon?
Search for your application you want to download HERE. This will leads you to the addons own page. Let's take IE Tab for an example (the addon that made me develope this). When you search for IE Tab and click the URL, it will look like this:
In this case, 1419 would be your addon id, and putting that into the box below would initiate download of the edited IE Tab addon. All this is done live, nothing is cached on the server, meaning you'll always get the newest version no matter what. Keep in mind though that the IE Tab addon doesn't actually work using this fix. It is just an example.

Enter addon ID to download:


If I (or another person offering a service like this on their own website) really wanted, it would be very easy to hack (edit contents of) an addon to corrupt it and install cookie stealing software, or some other malicious stuff that nobody would ever want. This sounds dangerous, and it is. I would never manipulate addons, as I only supply this as a service for people that want to have it all done a little quicker, and I use this service myself. PLEASE always double check that the addon is exactly as it should be, to make sure nothing has changed. I take no responsability over anything happening to your firefox by using this service, and even though I wouldn't do anything to the addons, someone offering the same service somewhere else might. If this warning scared you enough, or you for some reason have no trust to me, then here's a manual on how to do it manually. This web application does that, but automatically, without you having to fill your harddrive up with stuff you don't need.

I hope this tool is very useable for you, and can help you get your favourite addons back while using the newest version of Firefox.